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  Only A Child Videos   Only A Child 1996 ( The Early Years )  
Only A Child 2008 --(The Carpentry Shop)

This video, just recently produced, offers a look at Only A Childs carpentry shop program.

( Length: 3 min. 40 sec.)

Only A Child 1996 --(The Early Years)
  This video, shot in 1996, provides an insight into Only A Child as it was during its early years as an outreach program on the streets of Guatemala City
( Length: 6 min. 18 sec.)

      ( Length: 6 min. 18 sec.)  
  Giovany, his family, and our staff psychologist, Luis Alfredo, at his high school graduation   Grace is said prior to the evening meal.  
  Erick doing homework at the computer   Brian and his father  
  Carpentry shop foreman Beto   The carpentry shop team pause for a group photo.  
  Jose at work in the
  Shelter houseparents, Betty & Roberta  
  carpentry shop      
  Jose and his family   Rudy with his favorite soccer  
      star, Lionel Messi  
  Augustin   Jonathan  
  Pablo on graduation day   Carlos Coy, program graduate, preps  
      a cedar board prior to cutting.  
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