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Only A Child 2008 --(The Carpentry Shop)

This video, just recently produced, offers a look at Only A Childs carpentry shop program.

( Length: 3 min. 40 sec.)

Only A Child 1996 --(The Early Years)
  This video, shot in 1996, provides an insight into Only A Child as it was during its early years as an outreach program on the streets of Guatemala City
( Length: 6 min. 18 sec.)

      ( Length: 3 min. 40 sec.)  
  Marvin puts the finishing touches on a box lid.   Grace is said prior to the evening meal.  
  Hansel solves a problem on the projects computer.   George chats with Carlos and the carpentry team.  
  Alfredo Huertas, head of the outreach program.   The carpentry shop team pause for a group photo.  
  Jansy helps Jose with the finer aspects of
  Ceasar, Maria and family in the front yard.  
  giving shape to a box.      
  Joel plans the next set of star boxes.   Manolo offers a knowing look while George  
      tries his hand at drawing a pattern.  
  Luis Alfredo Ardon, our staff psychologist,   Bryan shares a smile while Joel looks on.  
  poses for a photo with George.      
  Conrad enjoys a meal after a day at the carpentry shop.   Carlos Coy, program graduate and carpentry shop  
      foreman preps a cedar board prior to cutting.  
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