Christmas Wish List for 2018  
  1. Special Request for Christmas 2018    

A new laptop for our computer lab.


In January, two of our residents will commence their studies at the University of San Carlos. A third is poised to join them. Three of their housemates will be seniors in high school this year and plan to continue their studies at university level in January, 2020. As in the U.S., having access to a computer and the Internet is a must in Guatemala, if students on a high school and university level are to complete their assignments and excel at their studies.
------ Cost $350

  2. Traditional Christmas Gifts  

A. A sweater or pair of sneakers for each
-- of Only A Child's 9 youngsters.


To be given on Christmas Eve

------ Cost of each sweater $25
------ Cost of each pair of sneakers $40


B. Weekend Sports.


We are blessed to live 8 blocks from what is,
arguably, the nicest public park in Guatemala.
Many of our youths take full advantage of our good
fortune by spending time on the weekend at the
park, playing soccer and basketball.

------ Cost of soccer ball $15
------ Cost of basketball $15

  3. Christmas Celebrations    
    A. Christmas Shop Christmas Party
---(approximately 16 people)
    All of Only A Child's staff and children are also
invited to join us at this Celebration. This luncheon celebration, which will take place on Dec. the 23rd will include grilled beef, salsa, rice, guacamole and tortillas
------ Cost $100.
    B. Christmas Eve Dinner  
    In Guatemala gifts are exchanged on Christmas Eve at around 10 o'clock. Families then take to the street at midnight to participate in the setting off a great variety of fireworks all over the country. At 12:30, early morning, all return to their homes to share a meal of tamales, french bread and ponche.
------ Cost $75
    C. Traditional Christmas Night Dinner    

A roast turkey dinner is shared by Guatemala
families on the night of the 25th.
If turkey cannot be afforded, a roast chicken
or other less expensive option is substituted.
Our dinner includes gravy, mashed potatoes
and a cucumber salad.
------Cost $125

  4. The Carpentry Shop    

A. A set of woodcarving tools

Used to create Only A Child's hand crafted boxes
------ Cost - $75. for a set of 3 tools
-----------------$25. for an individual tool

B. The purchase of lumber

Enough wood to produce 6 of our boxes
------ Cost - $30

C. A stipend for one of our program's youth / carpentry shop workers.

-----Half month stipend - Cost - $70
-----One week's stipend - Cost - $35

  5. Education    
    One month's education at a good
quality, independent school

Costs vary depending on the program chosen
and the level of studies completed

A. Back- to- school weekend programs

For young adults
------ Cost - $40

B. Computer Programming Academy

Two evenings per week
------ Cost - $30

C. In January, two of our residents will be entering San Carlos University. Among other expenses will be the need to pay bus fair.

One month's bus fair
------ Cost - $25

  6. And Lastly...    

Although it's getting old, our 2003 Toyota Matrix still provides safe and reliable transportation - with one exception. It's four tires were well used when we purchased the car several years ago and are now nearly bald.
------ Cost - $125 per tire / $500 for a set of 4.

With violence so common in Guatemala at present, it is critical that we have safe and reliable transportation. Breaking down on the side of the road is always dangerous, for all of the usual reasons. In Guatemala, however, it leaves one especially vulnerable to assault.

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