Christmas Wish List for 2011  
  1. Special Request for Christmas 2011    

A new livingroom set for our shelter.


Our current livingroom set is giving out after 8 years of faithful (and comfortable) service to up to 16 shelter residents at any given time!
The living room is the site of many gatherings, meetings and as such, serves as the heart and-soul of our home. New furniture to replace our worn and tattered livingroom set is genuinely needed – and soon!
------ Cost $300

  2. Traditional Christmas Gifts  

A. A small toy for one of Only A Child’s
---5 small children


-----A doll for each of of our 2 little girls - Jennifer
-----and Oneli / a toy car for each of our 3 boys,
-----Jonathan, Bryan and Carlitos
------ Cost $15. per toy


B. A sweater or pair of sneakers for each
-- of Only A Child’s 8 youngsters.


-----To be given on Christmas Eve

------ Cost of each sweater $20
------ Cost of each pair of sneakers $30

    C. 3 bicycles to be shared among
----Only A Child’s 5 small children

---- One bicycle to be shared
-----between Jonathan and Bryan - Cost $75

---- One bicycle to be shared
-----between Jennifer and Oneli - Cost $75

---- One small bicycle for Carlitos - Cost $40

  3. Christmas Celebrations    
    A. Christmas Shop Christmas Party
---(approximately 16 people)
    All of Only A Child’s staff and children are also
invited to join us at this Celebration. This luncheon celebration, which will take place on Dec. the 23rd will include grilled beef, salsa, rice, guacamole and tortillas
------ Cost $60.
    B. Christmas Eve Dinner  
    In Guatemala gifts are exchanged on Christmas Eve at around 10 o’clock. Families then take to the street at midnight to participate in the setting off a great variety of fireworks all over the country. At 12:30, early morning, all return to their homes to share a meal of tamales, french bread and ponche.
------ Cost $50
    C. Traditional Christmas Night Dinner    

A roast turkey dinner is shared by Guatemala
families on the night of the 25th.
If turkey cannot be afforded, a roast chicken
or other less expensive option is substituted.
Our dinner includes gravy, mashed potatoes
and a cucumber salad.
------Cost $125

  4. The Carpentry Shop    

A. A set of woodcarving tools

Used to create Only A Child’s hand crafted boxes
------ Cost - $75. for a set of 3 tools
-----------------$25. for an individual tool

B. The purchase of lumber

Enough wood to produce 6 of our boxes
------ Cost - $30

C. The purchase of a microwave oven

To be used in our carpentry shop’s kitchen|
------ Cost - $60

  5. Education    
    One month’s education at a good
quality, independent school

Costs vary depending on the program chosen
and the level of studies completed

A. Traditional Monday through Friday

For children and adolescents
------ Cost - $40

B. Back- to- school weekend programs

For young adults
------ Cost - $30

C. University level studies

For advanced program members
------ Cost - $90

  6. Urgent Need    
    For Only A Child’s Executive Director
George Leger
    Only A Child’s Executive Director, George Leger
is in urgent need of a gently used laptop for use when he is stateside. The 1996 IPM Thinkpad that he currently uses is badly out of date and very limited in its capacity to perform even the most basic of functions.
  7. And Lastly...    

It is still possible to donate towards the purchase of a newer vehicle to replace our 27 year old Nissan Patrol.

With violence so common in Guatemala at present, it is critical that we have safe and reliable transportation. Donations of any amount will be welcomed and greatly appreciated.

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